Prof Laboratory Environmental Engineering Ecotechnology - ENIS

CV Mohamed Medhaffar


In addition to waste, the olive oil extraction industry generates a considerable quantity of solid waste, formed mainly by olive stones. If we consider that this solid waste, which is difficult to biodegrade, constitutes 15 to 20% by weight of olives, a considerable quantity of waste is generated every year. In the approach that we have adopted for the valorization of this solid waste in the field of materials, composites based on olive stone flour (FNO) and a polymer matrix of the polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride type have been produced by an injection process.

The evolution of mechanical, thermomechanical, and water absorption properties, as a function of the loading rate and the nature of silver chemical coupling, were studied in detail. The research carried out showed the visibility of the use of FNO, as a reinforcing filler for polymer matrices and up to a rate of 60% by weight, without notable alteration of the properties of the materials.